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My MGB is running again!


I have a 1967 MGB which while not in very good shape, runs pretty well most of the time.  However, it has a spot on the fly wheel where it is missing a tooth and every once in a while, the fly wheel stops right where the missing tooth lines up with the starter motor.  When this happens, the starter motor gets stuck in the fly wheel and the car won’t start.

Fixing this problem is usually as simple as putting a 7/16 inch wrench on the square not on the end of the starter motor and giving it a nudge.  The starter motor will release and the car will usually start right away.  There have only been a few times where it really got stuck where it took me a while to get it unstuck.

A few months ago I had some work done on it and had the starter replaced and now when this happens, getting it unstuck is a little harder.  The two times it has happened, I have had to get under the car to get enough leverage on the starter bolt.  The last time it happened, I didn’t have time to fix it so I let it sit.  It ended up sitting about 2 months!  We did some work int he garage last weekend and threw a lot of stuff away.  If my car doesn’t move for a while, it becomes a place to set things down so after a couple months, all kinds of stuff was piled on top it.

Once we did some cleaning and most of the stuff was off the car,  I decided to crawl under it and get it running.  Once I got the start freed from the fly wheel it started right up.  It is a fun car to drive, now that it is running, I will start using to run errands again.


A frustrating 49 this morning


I got in 9 holes this morning with one of my friends before he had to be at the dentist and I had to be at a meeting at Sony-Ericsson at 10 AM.  We played in about 90 minutes which is great but we were dancing with the maintenance crew almost the entire way.  It is hard to get in a rhythm when you are playing with people on the green or in the bunkers.  It was frustrating.

I shot 49 which really isn’t very good.  I was however, decent, although shorter than usual, off the tee with only one really bad drive (#9).  My wedge play was weak today and cost me quite a few strokes (at least 5).  Putted pretty well and left two right on the lip.  I’d like to play 18 tomorrow but I don’t think that is going to happen.

Xbox360 is back but …


Our Xbox360 arrived from RRoD repair center yesterday.  Definitely not the same console which is no surprise.  I haven’t tried it out yet – maybe this evening.  Now I need to decide what to do.  I think I am going to keep the Elite at home as our main console which means I need to move all of my downloadable content to it.  I will either take the repaired console to the beach or I’ll set t up down in the basement once I get the LEGO stuff put away.

As part of the downloadable content license transfer process, I decided to “register” both of my consoles on  This failed and I ended up spending a bunch of time on the phone with Microsoft last night without any resolution.  From their end they can see two consoles registered to me but it doesn’t show up on the web site when I login.  After dealing with people on the phone for almost an hour, they gave up and asked me to wait 24 hours to see if the information would propagate through their systems (it hasn’t yet).

Xbox 360 on its way back already


Last Tuesday I shipped our Xbox back to Microsoft for repair (RRoD).  On Saturday morning I got an e-mail that it had been received and not two hours later I got another e-mail stating it had been shipped.  The turn around is pretty impressive and I am sure they have a pile of refurbished Xbox 360s ready to ship out to customers.

It doesn’t really matter to me, I didn’t expect them to repair the unit I sent but I also expected it to take 2-3 weeks.  The last time I sent one in it took about a month so they have really improved their response time.  I guess they have had a fair amount of practice!  🙂

Rock Band Disc Repaired!


Last week I posted about our Rock Band disc getting scratched.  Not surprisingly I was unsuccessful getting EA to replace the disc which was a little surprising given that they replace the instruments with little pushback.  I was expecting to have to buy a new disc but asked my son to see if he could track down a used one first.

It turns out the PlayNTrade near us has a disc polisher and for $3.20, they will attempt to repair your scratched disc.  For $3, this is a no brainer as opposed to spending $35 (used) to $60 (new) for another disc.  So we wandered on up to PlayNTrade to see if our disc could be fixed.  After a couple spins in the polisher our disc looked  pretty good.  We took it home and SUCCESS, it works and we were able to play Rock Band all evening.

My nephew also brought along a scratched copy of Forza 2 he had and it too was polished and successfully plays now.  As I stated above, for $3 it is a no brainer when you have a scratched disk.

Tracking my progress


This morning I played 18 by myself and decided to track some stats after seeing another friend of mine do it recently.  It was interesting to see where I gave a lot of strokes away.  I played pretty well, better than I have the last couple times out.  I shot 92, 45/47.

Other than #10 and #11, particularly #10, I was pretty happy with my round.  I feel like I am getting closer.  I only 2 real bad wedge shots and I putted reasonably well.
As you can see below, I am not hitting many greens in regulation which means I don’t give myself a lot of chances at par or better.  If I could get off the tee a little farther I think having shorter irons into the green would help improve my GIR.

2008-07-17 Score Card

2008-07-17 Score Card

RockBand Disc Scratched


Bah.  Our RockBand disc got scratched over the weekend and now it won’t do much other than start.  As soon as you try to play, the disc is deemed “unreadable”.  I thought EA would replace scratched discs but I got a “non-answer” from my support query so I will have to pursue that further.  I may have to go look for a used copy.

I am not sure how it got scratched but the Xbox, which we have vertically, was sitting on top of a cable over the weekend so it was slightly tilted.  I had read somewhere that discs can become scratched if the console isn’t horizontal or vertical although I am not sure if I believe it.  Regardless, the disc is scratched and now I need a new one.